1. This just blew me away - Carre Otis by Pamela Hanson for Vogue Italia October 1991.

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  2. John Baldessari.

  3. Friday love. 

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  4. Weekend in wool. 

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  5. Thursday.

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  6. I initially posted about NYC concept store The Line when it opened late last year. Aside from the beautifully lucid physical concept, a Soho apartment as the store space, furnished in the design and housing all the wares they consider to be ‘quintessential’, their online content has got to be the most innovative and inspiring I have read in a long time. This morning’s read was A day in the life: Astrid’s Journal, an artful demonstration of the fantasy lifestyle that the store is promoting, linen duvet and all. 

  7. White out.

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  8. Thursday perfection. 

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  9. Bright white perfection by Coco Capitán.

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  10. Still love your work Rasha Kahil.